As a coach, Fabricio Martins strives to foster a love for Jiu-jitsu in his students and to help them achieve steady progress. 


A dedicated and passionate trainer, Fabricio has given classes to over 5000 students since he began teaching as a purple belt in 2010.  


In 2014 Fabricio left his law practice to focus on teaching Jiu-jitsu full-time. He travelled to the United Arab Emirates, where he trained over 3000 members of the army over a 12 month period. 

Following his time in the UAE, Fabricio travelled to Jamaica, where he co-founded the country's first Jiu-jitsu training camp and promoted the sport nationally.

Over the past several years, Fabricio has worked as a guest trainer in Brazil, Peru, France, Switzerland, Croatia, Portugal and Jamaica.


To enquire about availability for training seminars, residencies or workshops, please fill out the contact form.

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